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We Have The Advanced Equipment To Properly Restore Your Bremerton Home After Water Damage

2/14/2020 (Permalink)

Our drying equipment sitting in the kitchen working to dry the water damage We're standing by 24/7 to respond to your emergency. Don't hesitate and call our technicians right away to prevent further damage.

Water Damage can Cause Odor Problems in Your Bremerton Home

Even though the first step to controlling odors related to water-soaked belongings and materials inside your Bremerton home is getting everything dried out, odors can persist after. This is because the particles causing the odors continue to inundate the air. SERVPRO‘s technicians address odors separately, using different odor control methods to make your residence smell like it should again.

We use three main fogging applications can help control odors in Bremerton homes that water damage created. Depending on the unique situation within your home, we might use dry fogging, wet fogging, or gas-producing equipment. We also use other methods for isolated areas, allowing us to eradicate more thoroughly odors wherever they originate.

Dry fogging uses heat, and is often called thermal fogging. We often choose this method when other odor-causing situations exist, especially smoke. This method works well for places where odors come from enclosed locations because the fog can seep in through the same tiny openings that odor-causing particles escape.

We must use great care when using wet fogging, as a too-heavy application can cause water damage in isolated areas. We often use drop cloths to protect areas that we know do not contain odor-producing substances. The benefit of using this is that the deodorizing agents used can get into materials containing smelly substances and neutralize them.

Two different gas-producing deodorizing techniques exist. We often rely on ozone when water damage is absent. Ozone can damage many materials if wet, including living things. This includes your pets and any plants. Removing all of these can be a hassle. Instead, we can use hydroxyl gas, which our machine makes using hydrogen peroxide. Our mitigation team, building crew, and other employees can continue working on restoring your home with this machine in place. 

Isolated areas can range in size and when they require additional help, we can apply powerful topical especially after a water damage incident. We can inject deodorizing liquid in carpet where pet odors increased during the water damage incident. In rare situations, we might use direct spraying of deodorizer combined with disinfectant agents.

SERVPRO of Kitsap County provides comprehensive water damage services in Bainbridge Island, Silverdale, and Port Orchard, including odor control. Our goal is to restore your property “Like it never even happened.” Call (360) 373-1290, 24/7, year-round, for this and other restoration work.

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We Get You Back In Business In Bremerton After A Water Damage Disaster

2/6/2020 (Permalink)

Several of our drying equipment machines working in this business to restore it after water damage We have specialized equipment, and advanced training to restore your business to pre-damage condition after a water damage disaster.

Our Skilled Water Damage Responders Turn the Tide in Bremerton

Bremerton has a history rich in naval shipbuilding, making our community a fascinating destination for military and seafaring buffs. Providing lodging and food for those who travel to the area can be good business until an unexpected water loss threatens the future of your hotel and restaurant. Even breakage of pipes supplying clean water can expose your business to the threat of mold and continuing deterioration if steps are not taken quickly, and the cleanup is not thorough.

Water Damage Is Disruptive

Nearby the famous Puget Sound Naval Shipyards and Puget Sound Navy Museum, your hotel offers comfortable accommodations and delicious food for visitors and residents of Bremerton. Water damage in your Bremerton facility can bring the festivities to a halt, causing guest rooms to be uninhabitable and food preparation and service areas to be unsanitary and unsafe.

Know Where Water Shutoffs Are Located

Enormous amounts of water flow out of burst pipes of any size, but if the break at your hotel involves a larger-diameter pipe, thousands of gallons can flow out every minute. One essential step a business owner can take to protect your property while we are on our way is to shut off the water main. Then our SERVPRO crew can concentrate on mitigating further water migration and double down on remediation services.

Trained Technicians Make the Difference

SERVPRO’s water loss mitigation and remediation professionals step in to cut the disaster down to size. We use our training from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to craft a plan that stops additional damage and swiftly address the issues already presented by a supply pipe leak. Water removal and structural drying are the goals, observing a tight timeline that aspires to reduce moisture to preloss levels within 24 to 48 hours to minimize the chance of mold growth.

High-Efficiency and Capacity Equipment a Must

With water quantities in the hundreds of gallons or more, our inventory of submersible pumps and truck-mounted extractors is crucial. SERVPRO service vehicles can feature tanks that can hold 60 to 100-plus gallons and up to nearly 300 inches of water lift. We scale up our response as needed, arranging for multiple crews and equipment to get the water out and dry your structure fast.

SERVPRO of Kitsap County delivers the power and capacity to respond to your commercial water damage emergency. Call 24 hours a day at (360) 373-1290 to start the process.

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Minimize Commercial Water Damage in a Bremerton Indoor Sporting Arena Through Quick Restoration

1/30/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment and wires on a white tile floor. Water damage to your business can cost you more than money, let us help you get back to business.

A commercial water damage in Bremerton can set you back, let SERVPRO help you through it all.

A burst pipe, the failure of copper fittings in pipes, or a malfunctioning sprinkler system can cause water damage in an indoor sporting arena. This incident can lead to financial losses because of lost ticket sales. It is vital to begin emergency stabilization and restoration work promptly to prevent further damages.

Commercial water damage in a Bremerton sporting arena can ruin playing surfaces like basketball courts, ice rinks, and running tracks. For instance, water can cause wood flooring to swell. It is vital to restore the playing surfaces in compliance with sporting industry standards and regulations to ensure the integrity of the games athletes play in the arena.

Water can also ruin high-value electronic equipment like the cameras used in gameplay, scoreboards, digital billboards, and lighting equipment. Water damage to electric gates, card readers, and security cameras can cause malfunctions, leading to vandalism or looting while the facility is under repair.

A water intrusion incident can also keep the doors of an indoor arena closed for an extended period, robbing it of the ability to host regular games and other scheduled events. Our SERVPRO technicians can extract the water in the affected areas using powerful pumps. Subsequently, we can place air movers and dehumidifiers in the arena to begin the drying process. This prompt response can stabilize conditions and prevent further water penetration and destruction of the building.

Our team has a deep understanding of psychrometry, which is the study of the air, temperature, and humidity, and their effect on various materials. Our technicians use psychometrics to measure the amount of moisture in the air and ensure that the air is dry enough for damp materials to dry fast as the drying process continues.

Water ruins materials when it touches them directly, and when water vapor touches the materials. Therefore, drying the air is vital when drying flooring. If there is too much moisture in the air, it takes longer to dry materials. We control the temperature to dry the air and use drying equipment to control humidity levels.

Through our water removal efforts, we can restore drywall, masonry, plaster, and wood to the pre-incident state. Deep drying of ambient air along with continuous air circulation causes moisture in building materials to evaporate faster than usual, restoring their preloss relative humidity levels. Our SERVPRO team also monitors the drying process constantly to monitor moisture levels.

If the level of damage is severe, it may be necessary to strip out some ruined materials such as skirting boards and floor coverings to allow efficient drying of the building. Water and moisture also provide a suitable environment for the growth of fungi, viruses, and bacteria. Our team can clean and sanitize all changing rooms, medical rooms, and kitchens.

Managing a water loss incident in a sporting arena calls for expert restoration techniques. Call SERVPRO of Kitsap County at (360) 373-1290 for fast water removal and drying.

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Let Our Experts Help After A Fire In Your Bremerton Home

1/30/2020 (Permalink)

fire damaged home We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Cleaning vs. Replacement After A Fire In Bremerton

There are different types of fires, and these fires produce a variety of smoke residues. The residue can cover everything, and it may seem impossible to save anything. We must replace charred items and dispose of materials that absorb smoke particles.

Our experienced SERVPRO technicians can help with fire damage in Bremerton and surrounding areas. We also understand that it usually is much less expensive to clean an item vs. replace it after a fire. Clients with limited insurance coverage and insurance adjusters appreciate our attention to detail and management of total costs.

Smoke Residues and Surface Types
Every fire produces different types of smoke residues. The residue deposited on surfaces can vary based on proximity to the fire. SERVPRO technicians carefully inspect your home and contents to identify the residue and the applicable cleaning method to be used.

The surface type is an important variable in the replace vs. clean equation. Hard surfaces typically do not absorb smoke residue or even moisture. The residue adheres to the surface, which can easily be removed. Porous materials absorb smoke residue, making cleaning somewhat more challenging. Washing of these items may cause more damage to the article, and it may need to be replaced. Our SERVPRO team can quickly provide advice on the appropriate action to take.

Disposal of Cleaning Materials
A variety of cleaning materials may be used depending on the surface type and the residue deposited on the item. We also must properly dispose of cleaning materials such as dirty clothes and cleaning liquids to avoid recontamination of clean areas and contents.

Our objective is to restore your property to its original condition, “Like it never even happened,” and manage your total cost of restoration.

Call SERVPRO of Kitsap County at (360) 373-1290 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Silverdale, Bainbridge Island, and surrounding areas. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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We Overcome All The Obstacles In Silverdale After A Fire

1/6/2020 (Permalink)

Smoke and soot stained ceiling after a fire in this home The smoke and soot stained the ceiling and belongings in the home and required our professionals expertise to restore it right away.

Special Approaches for Resolving Unique Fire Damage Challenges in Silverdale

When there is a fire incident in your property, various challenges can crop up, especially when cleaning up residues left of contents and construction materials. Hiring a professional restorer like SERVPRO to help you restore your property after fire damage is a great way to ensure any challenge is addressed.

The combustion process causes different kinds of fire damage in affected Silverdale properties. Smoke is one product of the process because the process does not consume all the materials. Smoke settles on surfaces leaving residues on all types of contents within the house. Cleaning upholstery materials can be challenging because some of the residues penetrate beyond the surface. Wet cleaning such items can remove the wastes, but it might destroy the item. Our SERVPRO technicians used specialized cleaning procedures such as foam cleaning. We apply some foam on a brush or sponge then use it to clean the material. This method is perfect for cleaning residues from box springs and mattresses.

Although soot is the common residue produced by fire damage incidents, it can also provide other products such as tar, grease, and wax. When deposited on fabrics, they can be challenging to clean off or may spread during cleaning, leaving stains. Our SERVPRO technicians use specialized cleaning agents such as volatile dry solvents to clean such materials. The solvents suspend or act as a lubricant, effectively removing the residue. Even though the solvents ease cleaning, they pose some risks too, such as removing colors or distorting the fibers, but with the advanced training, our technicians receive, we use approaches that prevent adverse outcomes.

Fires affect wood even when the combustion process does not consume it. For example, residues left on wooden surfaces alter the appearance and emit a bad odor. Unfinished wooden surfaces can be more challenging to clean because ordinary methods such as wet cleaning force residues to penetrate the surface through the pores. Our SERVPRO technicians use dry cleaning sponges to remove such residues. In case it does not work, we can clean the area with denatured alcohol.

SERVPRO of Kitsap County can help you deal with any challenges caused by fire loss. Call us at (360) 373-1290 to help you tackle any loss, "Like it never even happened."

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Our Experts Can Save Your Fire Damaged Home In Bremerton

12/21/2019 (Permalink)

fire damaged home Give our technicians a call anytime at (360) 373-1290.

Is Bremerton Pack-Out Safe for Your Fire-Damaged Belongings?

After a fire, the spread of smoke and other destructive effects can quickly compromise a Bremerton home. Protecting your property means much more than reducing structural damage and focuses most heavily on what our team can do to ensure that your personal belongings, treasures, and possessions do not become irreparably damaged by lingering smoke, soot, and debris. Content management is one of the cornerstones of our fire recovery efforts, and that begins with a team of qualified technicians.

Our fire loss restoration team is one of the best-equipped divisions of our SERVPRO outfit, and we can provide efficient mitigation for fire damage to Bremerton homes. Scoping the job before the bulk of our field technicians arrive can designate the full measure of the damage in the residence and what efforts must get taken to get the growing threat under control. The more extended contents and belongings remain exposed to these hazardous conditions, the less likely successful restoration becomes.

Content management is a safe solution for undamaged and even soiled contents from your home. Homeowners authorize our SERVPRO professionals to work to recover and restore these belongings through various techniques, including immersion cleaning, deodorization, and other practices. In some situations, we must dispose of your possessions that are too severely damaged to preserve – this only happens when any restoration practices would not improve the condition of these items.

Apprehension is expected when relinquishing the oversight of your most treasured belongings to our SERVPRO technicians. We have a failsafe design that can keep all of your possessions grouped neatly together and filed with a unique QR code. This system ensures that if you need access to these items, our professionals can quickly direct you to your stored possessions. Our climate-controlled facility can keep conditions favorable for your things until it is time to return them to your restored property following fire recovery.

Fire recovery is inevitable after a loss incident, and our SERVPRO of Kitsap County team can help however you need. We have cleaning and content management professionals that can reduce restoration costs and overall losses after a fire emergency. Give our technicians a call anytime at (360) 373-1290.

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Yes! Bremerton Property Owners Make the Call to SERVPRO for Unwanted Water Removal

12/11/2019 (Permalink)

water wet carpet with markings and a cat in the foreground Water Damage Can Affect Many Different Contents, Possessions, and Materials in a Bremerton Home. SERVPRO Can Answer the Call for Restoration

Water Extraction From Your Bremerton Home

Perhaps your dishwasher overflowed, or a pipe leaked, and you find water on the first floor of your home. Sopping and drying it up with towels and rags is the first step. However, after you do that, there may be remaining moisture in the floors, contents, and air within your home that requires removal.

If you find yourself needing water extraction from your Bremerton home, you can contact the professionals at SERVPRO. The water damage technicians understand drying principles and the importance of responding quickly to the plumbing mishap. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

SERVPRO technicians establish a drying goal within your home to bring the affected areas to preloss dryness. They take moisture content readings using a moisture meter from impacted areas and non-impacted areas within the home to establish a baseline. Readings are in percentages for wood items and are in points for non-wood items. Readings are taken from the wettest portion of the materials. When that area dries, the rest is most likely dry.

Successful drying includes proper extraction as one of the four factors affecting drying time. Using a high-powered mobile extractor to remove as much water as possible is critical. The more water removed during this step, the faster the impacted areas dry. SERVPRO technicians make several passes with the extractor before dealing with humidity, temperature, and air movement.

When technicians heat the impacted rooms to between 70 and 85 degrees, faster drying results occur. The optimal temperature should be between 70 and 80 degrees to ensure that there is not too much moisture in the air. Higher temperatures increase the chances of higher humidity. Rooms should have a relative humidity (RH) of between 30% and 50%. Using dehumidifiers lowers the relative humidity from higher percentages. Anything above 60% RH slows down drying time due to the remaining water vapors saturating the air.

While dehumidifiers pull water from the air, technicians use air movers to blow out damp air, replacing it with warm, dry air. They move the air movers around the impacted area to ensure even drying throughout the rooms. Using these careful steps and appropriate equipment, the water damage technicians reach their drying goal to restore your home to its preloss condition whenever possible.

Contact SERVPRO of Kitsap County at (360) 373-1290 for water removal assistance. We are available 24/7.

Our Technicians Discuss How We Clean Windows and Accessories After A Fire In Bremerton

12/8/2019 (Permalink)

fire damaged home covered in soot We can help mitigate fire damage, no matter how it affects your home.

How We Clean Windows and Accessories in a Fire Damaged Bremerton Residence

Where’s there’s smoke, there’s fire, is the old saying. It goes both ways, however, and when a fire happens inside of a home in Bremerton, smoke fills it up quickly. Smoke spreads far beyond the area where the flames destroy areas of the residence. As it passes through, gliding across surfaces and swirling around in corners, soot adheres to surfaces.

One area of a home in Bremerton with fire damage where soot accumulates heavily is around the windows. The contrast of cooler temperatures outside and the heat trapped inside help push the smoke into these places. Heavy soiling of the ceiling above windows, notably taller ones that reach closer to the ceiling, is typical. SERVPRO’s technicians know how to get these clean again for you.

Window dressings, including heavy draperies, mini-blinds, and vertical slats, can become saturated with soot. Some larger slats have a fabric covering. When these become saturated with soot, they might seem too damaged for restoration. Just like draperies and valances, we use specific methods to remove the soot from their surfaces. Brushes can smear soot, so we use a gentle vacuum instead. We also use a dry cleaning sponge that pulls soot, other soils, and even bothersome pet hair away from these surfaces.

Before cleaning window dressings, we often take a photo or two of the fasteners to help make sure we reinstall them correctly for you. This includes draperies, as well. We want to make everything “Like it never even happened.” for you.

For cleaning out the crevices and grooves within the window frames, brushes help lift any soot and loosen any hardened residues. Vacuuming afterward eliminates everything and leaves the area clean. Because soot causes odors, any left on screens or near windows can bring unwanted odors into the home when using opened windows to air the place out. Brushing the screens, or replacing them if damaged, can help reduce any smoky odor coming in and possibly resoiling the area.

Our dry sponges also work well to get window glass soot-free, making it easier to clean them before your family returns home or begins using the affected part of the home again. Attempting to clean these before removing the soot results in a smeared mess. Chemicals used in wet cleaning can also drip and then stain areas that otherwise would not have sustained any damage.

SERVPRO of Kitsap County is near Bainbridge Island, and also Silverdale and Port Orchard. Fire damage can upset a family, especially over the winter months. Call (360) 373-1290 for experts who care about your family’s safety and comfort. We can help mitigate fire damage, no matter how it affects your home.

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Some Steps to Reduce Flood Damage in Bainbridge Island

11/30/2019 (Permalink)

rendering of a flooded washroom Regardless whether flooding came from external or internal sources, SERVPRO can effectively remediate your home. Call right away.

Why Emergency Flood Damage Services in Bainbridge can Reduce Claims Expense

Flooding can result in discoloration at the base level of walls and floors. You may also find that these waters damage furnishings, leaving behind watermarks as well as ransacking the decor in your home. Dealing with a flooding issue in your home can become a secondary issue, particularly if you are temporarily relocated from the property. However, prolonged exposure to floodwaters can result in irrevocable harm to both your home's structure and contents. You may also be worried about the potential for trespass or unlawful entry while your vulnerable home is vacated.

Our rapid response units are here to guide the restoration effort after flood damage in your Bainbridge home. We operate out-of-hours visits, and you can reach us twenty-four hours a day via our phone lines. If you are temporarily relocated, a SERVPRO technician can perform tasks on the property on your behalf. These tasks may include scoping for safety hazards, plugging leaks with an emergency tarp as well as boarding up the broken structure to discourage unlawful entry.

However, the role of a competent restorer goes beyond securing the property. SERVPRO services are designed as a preventative tool against further losses. These may include pumping out excess water, restoring power to the property as well as performing vital pre-cleaning tasks of carpets or upholstery. In properties with severe damage, we can organize for your contents to be inventoried and removed for safe storage while property restoration gets underway. By controlling losses, we can help to keep the expense of your claim as low as possible.

Floodwaters that enter the home carry with them potentially harmful human pathogens. Our team can thoroughly disinfect your property and remove potentially contaminated materials with controlled demolitions. Porous materials imbibe moisture, which can cause severe, irreversible damages. Furthermore, these damages can spread over time or cause secondary issues like mold growth. By removing materials from home we can prevent costs from escalating.

Act quickly to prevent floodwaters from causing excessive damage. Contact SERVPRO of Kitsap County at (360) 373-1290 now.

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Our Experts Discuss Why Cleanup After Controlled Demolition In Bremerton Is Vital

11/23/2019 (Permalink)

water damage incident in home We have experienced technicians with extensive training to make water losses “Like it never even happened.”

Cleanup After Controlled Demolition in Bremerton Homes

There are numerous circumstances where restoring specific damaged materials like cabinetry in Bremerton homes is less cost-effective than removing it and later replacing it. As we are always looking for the most efficient pathway to getting you back to normal life, we balance the fastest and the least expensive options to offer a customer-focused experience for every loss incident. Controlled demolition, such as the removal of saturated cabinetry and their framework, can leave dust and debris circulating throughout the damaged area.

Kitchen fixtures can leak and break, leading to a need for extensive extraction and water cleanup for Bremerton homes. As fast as these effects can migrate throughout the house, our SERVPRO team needs to mobilize quickly to help. Scoping the job happens first, where our project manager takes our advanced discovery devices like our moisture meters and infrared thermography cameras to identify both the location and the concentration of water saturation. With an understanding of the spread of these effects, we can catalog loss and irreparable damage in our DryBook software.

Drying up the damage in your home should often be one of the primary focuses of our SERVPRO technicians, as the largest concentration of water damage can often be the materials that can get removed by our licensed contractors. Drywall and cabinetry are often some of the cheapest materials in your home’s construction, and as such, it is often cheaper to replace these structural elements than to dry them out. Often with the particle board cabinets, the demolition and removal of these units can leave a substantial mess. The same can get said about removing only portions of drywall and the wood trim along the base of the wall surface.

Our technicians have effective cleaning techniques, including dry vacuuming with HEPA-filtering machines and cleaning products to clear residues and lingering adhesives from installed wallboard behind the cabinets.

No matter how widespread water loss effects can initially appear, our SERVPRO of Kitsap County team can help get the situation under control. We have experienced technicians with extensive training to make water losses “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call at (360) 373-1290.

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