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3 Ways To Prevent Mold Growth in Commercial Facilities

12/2/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO 3 Ways To Prevent Mold Growth in Commercial Facilities Water damage causes mold problem in a Port Orchard,WA bathroom

3 Ways You Can Keep Mold from Growing Inside Your Commercial Building

To make money in business, you must ensure your warehouse and other commercial facilities stay in good shape. If you have mold growth at your jobsite, your employees may not want to come to work. Moreover, mold can ruin equipment, furnishings, inventory and other items. As such, mold prevention should be important to you. Here are three ways you can keep mold from growing inside your commercial building.

1. Watch for Leaks

Water is important to any business. After all, you have water surging through pipes, feeding toilets and sinks and facilitating everyday operations. When water stays where it is supposed to stay, you probably don’t think much about it. If there is a leak, though, mold can grow quickly. Accordingly, to contain mold, you must watch for signs of water damage. By regularly inspecting plumbing systems, fixtures, gutters, basements and sump pumps, you can decrease your odds of missing the sorts of leaks that allow mold to flourish.

2. Invest in a Hygrometer

Standing water isn’t the only thing that contributes to the growth of mold. On the contrary, high humidity can encourage mold to grow rampantly. As such, if mold prevention is important to you, you must have a way of measuring humidity. With a hygrometer, you know exactly how much moisture is in the air.

3. Prioritize Mold Removal

Because it reproduces with microscopic spores, mold can spread quickly. If you notice mold inside your building, you can assume it has moved to other areas. By contracting with a mold-mitigation service, you can develop a plan for eradicating mold.

As a business owner in Port Orchard,WA, you understand the importance of keeping your commercial property in tip-top shape. While a variety of things affect the condition of your building, mold can quickly ruin it. By focusing on mold prevention, you ensure you get the most out of your commercial facility.

How To Handle the Aftermath of a Fire at Your Commercial Building

11/21/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO How To Handle the Aftermath of a Fire at Your Commercial Building Soot removal in Silverdale,WA

Phases of Fire Restoration

For businesses in the Silverdale,WA, area it is very important to know what steps to take in the event a fire should break out. Each phase of fire restoration is important to ensure the best possible outcome.

  • Locate all Employees
    Locate all employees and staff and make sure each is accounted for. See that any injured are immediately given medical assistance and that people can safely get home.

  • Avoid Breathing or Ingesting Dangerous Substances
    No one should drink or eat anything that was exposed to flames or smoke, or to the water used to fight the fire, nor should they breathe the air at the site.

  • Keep Everyone Out
    Get everyone out of the building. There could still be live embers traveling through a wall or ceiling, and support structures could have been sufficiently weakened and unsafe. Do not move or touch anything. Close and board up any services to prevent customers or clients getting hurt.

  • Contact Insurance Agent
    Call the agent that handles your fire insurance and ask what needs to be done next. They will need the firefighters’ and Fire Marshall’s reports, and ask for a detailed list of destroyed property.

  • Clean Out and Clean Up
    You will want to hire a professional fire restoration service to conduct a fire damage assessment and formulate a plan for disposal of damaged goods and to perform comprehensive smoke cleaning.

  • Store Cleaned and Repaired Items Off Site
    Once the restoration service has cleaned and repaired items, store them off-site where they can stay clean and out of the way while the rest of the repairs are being done.

  • Begin Repairs
    Once all of the fire damage, the contractor can come on board and replace or repair any damaged structures, wiring and plumbing and take care of finish work such as painting.

Once the fire restoration has been completed and things are starting to normalize, you can move back in and re-open for business. In Silverdale,WA, getting commercial building restoration services on board is the key to a successful conclusion.

What You Should Know About Black Water

11/14/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO What You Should Know About Black Water Flooding in Kingston, WA

Three Things To Know About Black Water

Flooding in Kingston,WA, can cause a number of types of water damage, especially if it comes from a contaminated water source. Water from a tainted source is categorized as black, which can mean a number of things for your home. Here are the three primary things you should know about this type of water:

1. What Black Water Is

Water is categorized into three areas depending on its use: black, grey or white. These classifications indicate the types of contaminants in the water and what use the water is suited for. White water is safe for everyday use, while grey water has been used for cooking, cleaning or bathing. It may contain soap, cooking oils or light cleaners. Water in the black category has come into contact with septic matter, such as a toilet or sewer, and carries pathogens. Flood water is often considered black for this reason.

2. Where Black Water Comes From

Part of preventing water damage from water in the black category is understanding where this water comes from. Any water source that has come in contact with fecal matter must be categorized as black. This means water that comes from a septic system, sewer, or even livestock pasture falls into this category.

3. How To Deal With Flooding in Your Home

If you have flooding in your home, you will need to make sure that everything is properly cleaned, sanitized and restored. A flood damage and restoration specialist may be able to help. This cleaning process helps insure your home is clear of contamination and that issues common to water damaged areas, such as mold, are prevented.

When dealing with water damage in Kingston,WA, it’s important to know what category the water is classified as. When you know this, along with the potential sources of the flooding, you can begin taking the proper steps needed to clean, sanitize and restore your home. Remember, if you have any questions, a professional can help.

When Should You Change Smoke Alarm Batteries?

10/23/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage When Should You Change Smoke Alarm Batteries? Test your smoke alarm on a monthly basis regardless of the power source

Some smoke alarms contain batteries that should be changed every year. Others have long-life 10-year batteries or are hardwired to the electricity in your home. The following methods can help you determine the frequency with which you need to replace smoke alarm batteries.

Check the Power Source

There are three common fire alarm power sources:

  • Replaceable nine-volt batteries
  • Non-replaceable 10-year lithium long-life batteries
  • Hardwired alarms with back-up batteries

Check the configuration of an alarm to identify the battery type. It is important to know which power source all of the alarms in your home use. Maintain fire alarms in every bedroom and outside of each sleeping area in addition to one alarm on each floor of your home, including the basement.

Regularly Test the Alarms

Test each smoke alarm on a monthly basis regardless of the power source. Most alarm units have a test button that you can press to ensure that the alarm is drawing power. If the test function does not work, try replacing the battery or alarm or scheduling repairs for a hardwired system. Do not wait to repair a malfunctioning smoke detector, as this device can save lives in the event of a fire.

Replace the Batteries

You should replace

  • Nine-volt batteries every year, and smoke detectors every 10 years
  • 10-year long-life lithium detectors every 10 years
  • Back-up batteries in hardwired alarms once a year

Maintaining a smoke alarm can help to insure the safety of the residents of your home in the event of a fire. Do not wait for a smoke detector to alert you that it has low power or needs to be replaced. Know the battery type and regularly test alarms to ensure that these devices are in working order. If a fire damages building materials or contents in your home, contact fire damage mitigation and restoration experts located in Poulsbo,WA.

Preparing Your Home for The Cold Weather Storms

10/22/2018 (Permalink)

Cold temperatures can create a negative impact on your home and property; it’s key that you take the necessary precautions for your home not only for cold weather, but for storm season as well in order to limit potential risks and damages. When doing routine maintenance, it’s always better to be prepared and go the extra step to insure that you are limiting risks of damage. It’s important to be thorough while inspecting your building.

    • Basements and crawlspaces in your home can be areas where heat escapes. Be sure to seal and insulate around any HVAC ducts, basement windows, and any exposed pipes.
    • Try installing foam-rubber gaskets behind electrical outlets & switch covers on exterior walls.
    • If you don’t use your fireplace, plug the flue with an inflatable plug, or another item, that is safe and limits possible water to entry into your home.
    • Make sure you replace any broken windows, re-putty any loose window panes, seal around windows and door trims, or use weather stripping for windows that are opened. This minor step can make a world of a difference in heat efficiency and preventing water intrusion.
    • For attic spaces it’s best to weather strip & insulate the access door properly, seal around your chimney with metal flashing or a high temperature sealant, seal around plumbing vents, seal any holes between the heated space of your home and the attic, and don’t forget to insulate any exposed water pipes!

If water damage occurs in your home due to extreme weather or any other means, make sure to call the team with over 50 years of experience. SERVPRO of Kitsap County has the crew that is trained and experienced in dealing with not only average water damage but storm water damages to buildings as well. Give SERVPRO of Kitsap County a call today for your building damages in Poulsbo, WA.

2 Steps for Protecting Your Roof

10/17/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial 2 Steps for Protecting Your Roof Crack roof in a Silverdale,WA building

The roof on your commercial property may not get much attention, especially when the weather is great. However, when storm season hits Silverdale,WA, you may wish you'd pay a little more attention to the protective structure at the top of your buildings. Regular wind and rain throughout the year could lead to minor damages to the roof and if those issues aren't addressed, they could lead to much more expensive and harmful problems when a storm hits. How can you maintain a healthy roof and avoid roof damage when storms come?

1. Schedule Routine Roof Inspections

Did you know that you should have your business roof inspected twice a year, at least? Appropriate officials should thoroughly inspect the area. These experts could be your building engineer or a trained member of the maintenance team, or you may hire an expert from a commercial remediation company. The expert will probably look for cracks, broken areas, peeling edges, or damaged flashing. Any blockages in drain pipes or drainage systems will be flagged and trees that overhang the roof will prompt a recommendation for repairs. Remember that minor roof damage is easier to resolve than major damages.

2. Complete Repairs and Maintenance as Suggested

These expert inspections won't do you any good unless you put the advice to good use. Clean out the gutters along the eaves of your building and cut back the trees. Although they are a good source of cooling shade, they could also provide a way for moisture and pests to get into the tiny openings on your building. Some professionals may recommend that you take steps to waterproof the roof of your building. Storm, rain, sun, and wind damage could lead to major repairs, but a bit of preventative waterproofing could resolve many of those issues.

If it's been a while since you've seen your roof, it may be time to climb up. It's best to tackle inspections, repairs, and a complete roof rebuild before storms hit or damage becomes extensive.

Think Twice Before Using Commercial Drain Cleaners

10/12/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Think Twice Before Using Commercial Drain Cleaners Clogged drain in a Silverdale, WA home

Everyone knows how disgusting a clogged drain can be. If you have ever fished a ball of hair out of your shower or other drains, you probably never want to do it again. Even worse, if you have ever discovered a toilet backup or other flood, you are likely committed to keeping your drains flowing freely. You should, however, think twice before pouring a commercial drain cleaner into your pipes in Silverdale, WA.

What Causes Clogged Drains?

For most homeowners, clogged drains are a common nuisance. While most clogs are small and easy to remove, others wreak havoc on your entire plumbing system. To keep water flowing through your pipes, you must know what causes clogged drains. Here are some common culprits:

  • Foreign objects, such as jewelry, wash cloths or loofa sponges
  • Hair and human waste
  • Soap scum or grease
  • Tree roots
  • Damaged pipes

Do Drain Cleaners Damage Pipes?
Commercial drain cleaners work by dissolving whatever is causing the clogged drain. As you may suspect, these products use toxic chemicals to get the job done. If you worry about commercial cleaners dissolving more than just clogs, you aren’t alone. For good reason, many homeowners are concerned about damage to pipes. Drain cleaners often harm old and corroded pipes. They may also destroy PVC pipe. A licensed plumber can likely tell you whether your home has a plumbing system that is susceptible to damage. If it does, you may want to use a natural or enzymatic cleaner instead. You can also schedule professional sewage cleaning.

How Do You Recover From Pipe Damage?
If commercial cleaners damage your pipes, you may need to have your home re-plumbed. If damaged pipes cause flooding, you likely need to work with a restoration specialist to ensure you properly address the situation. Either way, as a diligent homeowner, you should probably think twice before you use a commercial drain-cleaning product to take care of a clogged drain.

Weather Safety Locations for Kitsap County

10/1/2018 (Permalink)

Thanks to the Kitsap County Department of Emergency Management, there are multiple places to seek refuge in the Kitsap county area when severe weather alerts have been made when the County's Severe Weather Shelter Plan is activated. For information about opening status please call 2-1-1. After hours your call will be directed to the Crisis Clinic. When there are dangerous weather situations, we advise that those that are out in the elements for a duration of the day and night, [not at work or a social call] to go to one of these locations to have shelter from the weather. We hope that in these events, that everyone is able to get out of the elements to be safe, warm and dry. The severe weather shelter program will be operating Nov 1st – Mar 31st in Kitsap County. This shelter is available for single adults, parents with children, families, and teens.

Kingston: Village Green Community Center, 26159 Dulay Rd NE, Kingston, WA

Poulsbo: Gateway Fellowship, 18901 8th Ave NE, Poulsbo, WA

Silverdale: Silverdale United Methodist Church, 9982 Silverdale Way, Silverdale WA

Port Orchard: Port Orchard United Methodist Church, 725 Kitsap St, Port Orchard, WA


  1. All persons entering the shelter will be asked to sign in between 6pm-9pm. The shelter will close the following day at 7am. There will not be a background check performed.
  2. All belongings will be checked in. You may keep things needed for the night like a teddy bear, book, or medications.
  3. There will be no use of drugs or alcohol and smoking will only be allowed outside in designated areas before 9pm.
  4. Follow the basic rules of conduct, no fighting or disturbing others while you are in the shelter and will be asked to leave if you do not follow shelter rules.
  5. Currently no arrangements have been made for pets and they will not be allowed in the shelter. Service and support animals will be allowed in with documentation.
  6. No food will be served at the shelter.

These alerts are made and are broadcasted for severe weather situations such as if it is expected to be 32 degrees or lower for four or more hours; if one inch of snow is expected; or if one inch of rain is expected between noon and 6 a.m. the next day.

For more information you can visit

Storm Damage

9/24/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Storm Damage Natural disasters are devastating and unexpected.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are inevitable. The following are suggestions of actions you can take should one occur. First be prepared, make an emergency kit with nonperishable food, bottled water, first aid kit, and a blanket. You can find a more comprehensive list at Second  have a plan or an ERP available at no cost at SERVPRO Kitsap County.  An ERP is an emergency reediness profile. Third in the event of an earthquake get low and get under something sturdy until the earthquake stops and /or help arrives. In the event of a fire exit the building via fire plan route. If your clothes catch on fie get on the ground and roll back and forth to put out the flames. Do not go into the building until first responders give clearance.

Commercial Fires in Your Building

9/17/2018 (Permalink)

If you own a business or manage a building, fire protection should be a primary concern. The best defense against commercial fires is to understand how a fire can occur and having a prevention plan.

Everything has a cause, so let's take a look at what can cause a commercial fire? The following are a few causes of commercial fires.

- Cooking equipment can build up oils and grease on them, when exposed to a certain level of heat, a fire can be sparked and ignited. 

- Keep equipment clean and in working order. Heating equipment such as heaters, boilers, and furnaces can cause a fire when overheated or malfunction.

- Keep articles of clothing away from heat sources.

- Last in our list electrical fires can occur if your electrical wiring isn’t up to code or if you have too many items plugged in to an outlet be aware of all of these can be commercial fire hazards.

If your business location suffered from a fire loss or damage in Silverdale, WA, don't think that your only option is to clean it up yourself. Call our team at SERVPRO of Kitsap County today to help get your damage back to normal "Like it never even happened."