Recent Before & After Photos

Hoarding Situations call for Bio-hazard Cleanup

We recently had a bio-hazard job that was a little different from others; it had included a situation of hoarding as well. We have seen instances of hoarding th... READ MORE

Flooding Around Kitsap County

Certain areas are more prone to flooding due to a multitude of possible causes; blocked drainage, lower ground elevation, more ground water than the street drai... READ MORE

Kitchen Cabinets be-Gone

In older homes, the interior plumbing can of course, cause issues as the years go by. For this customer, she had found out that there were leaks in the pipes un... READ MORE

Soft & Fuzzy

This is a daylight basement & lower level of a home that had been renovated quite a few years ago to be used to a veterinary clinic. When the clinic closed ... READ MORE

Ground Water Can Cause Flooding InsideToo

Kitsap county doesn't get too many storms where flooding is an issue, but for this customer, the rainfall was just too much. The ground water followed gravity, ... READ MORE

Patience is a virtue

A kitchen fire caused extensive smoke damage to affect almost our customers entire house. Our fire team spent a lot of elbow grease and effort to get the soot c... READ MORE

Dusty Ducts

This duct cleaning example is a example of how important it is to get your ducting cleaned regularly. Our customer only had her ducting cleaned once quite a few... READ MORE

Sewage 1, Sewage 2

Some people say things usually come in a set of 3. Thankfully for this customer she only had 2 sewage losses, but that being said, it wasn't exactly a pleasant ... READ MORE

Even a Chimney Can Get Moldy

Making sure your roof is watertight is a key factor in ensuring less chance of water damage to your home. A customer has a faulty seal on their roof around thei... READ MORE

Garage Fire

Any type of loss can be devastating not only to you, your family, but your home or business as well. This disaster was a call about a garage fire that severely ... READ MORE