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A Primer on Floodwater and How it Affects Your Silverdale Home

7/11/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO A Primer on Floodwater and How it Affects Your Silverdale Home Floodwater is dangerous and leaves contaminants behind after it recedes. Call SERVPRO for effective flood damage restoration.

What Threats Exist in Natural Floodwater in Silverdale Homes? 

Natural flooding can present substantial risks to Silverdale homes and their occupants. While the water itself can lead to structural degradation and weakening after exposure, there are also threats of contamination that exist in natural flooding scenarios. Without a credible knowledge of what the water on your property passed through and encountered to reach this point, or what contaminants continue to affect it, every natural flooding situation must get treated as hazardous and damaging to the health of those directly exposed.

Over the years, flood damage to Silverdale homes has not been something that could get entirely avoided. Flash flooding, in particular, can develop with little warning, and with these established risks of contamination, it could be best to leave the recovery of your home to our SERVPRO water restoration and biohazard cleanup specialists. Our trained professionals have both experience and leading equipment to help address these concerns right away and get things back to normal. 

To keep you safe during an emergency, our SERVPRO team must inform you what contaminants could exist in the floodwater throughout your property: 

-    Sewage – When substantial water makes its way into sewer mains, this system can become overloaded quickly, forcing the contents of these pathways to the surface to join moving floodwater.

-    Bacteria – For both the possibility of sewage present in the stream, the decay of animals, and other decomposition, the risk for present bacteria is high in floodwater. There is often a second wave of hospital stays and treatment needs after flooding has settled for those exposed to harmful bacteria in the cleanup process.

-    Debris – Objects and scrap in the floodwater pose threats like cuts and more severe injury. Cuts made in these conditions can often become infected. 

It is vital to stay out of floodwater around your home unless there is no other option. No matter how overwhelming an emergency is, we have the experience and equipment to help. Our SERVPRO of Kitsap County professionals can help you to make flood loss incidents “Like it never even happened.” by calling (360) 373-1290.

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Our Technicians Can Respond 24/7 To Your Water Damage Emergency In Bremerton

4/17/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Our Technicians Can Respond 24/7 To Your Water Damage Emergency In Bremerton Our emergency response teams are available 24-hours a day at (360) 373-1290.

Why We Spend Extra Time Extracting Water Damage In Bremerton

Water damage can equal fire in the amount of destruction it can cause. Along with the visible signs of saturation and warping in building materials and contents, there can be mold and foul odors that remain if you do not use a professional service to remove and restore your property.

When SERVPRO cleans up water damage at Bremerton properties, our technicians spend extra time on the water removal step, because the more moisture we remove on the front end means less drying time. Recently when our technicians worked cleaning up a pipe break behind a kitchen cabinet, the water had flowed from the tile flooring to the point where the carpeting began in the living room. The cabinets were backless, and because the homeowner had left them open, there was surprisingly little moisture remaining around the source of the water loss.

Why SERVPRO? Our technicians are certified in a diverse array of restoration sciences and arrive with the right equipment to mitigate any size property loss from water, fire or other situation. The homeowner had placed towels down between the kitchen floor and the living room in an attempt to stop water but had in fact, exacerbated the issue by making it easy for the water to travel through the towel and into the carpet and padding. Soft probes confirmed the moisture had penetrated less than a foot into the carpeting and weighted extractors were used to push the moisture out of the carpet padding as much as possible.

Once our technicians were satisfied they had removed as much residual moisture as possible, they set-up dehumidifiers and air movers to dry the rooms. The air movers are angled to blow across surfaces where it causes water vapor to rise and in turn, is captured by the dehumidifiers and expelled. Thorough drying of the kitchen and carpeting, followed by hand cleaning and disinfecting took care of the lingering odors left behind by the dampness.

SERVPRO of Kitsap County knows the faster water damage is addressed, the more we can restore. Our emergency response teams are available 24-hours a day at (360) 373-1290.

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Silverdale DIY'Selfers Should Call SERVPRO for Mold Remediation

2/11/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Silverdale DIY'Selfers Should Call SERVPRO for Mold Remediation Call Us!! Leave Mold Remediation in Your Silverdale Home to SERVPRO

Why You Want Professional Remediation for Your Silverdale Home

Many homeowners can appreciate the likelihood that any number of natural disasters could occur and damage their property, yet, many overlook possibilities of microbial or mold growth in their houses. Though it takes several days to develop and colonize in a moist or damp area of your home, mold growth can spread quickly and begin to erode and degrade organic materials and contents within the affected area. Without immediate intervention, some of these contents and affected materials could become irreparably damaged, leading to a need to reconstruct areas of the property to restore the damage completely.

As tempting as DIY mold removal might seem, it often does very little to restore or remedy the pressing mold damage effects within your Silverdale home. Homeowners lack the advanced equipment and expertise to address a widespread concern like mold growth and often have little idea as to how far the organisms have spread since colonization first began. Our SERVPRO professionals can provide a thorough inspection of the property and offer the full measure of our advanced training and remediation certifications to provide the best approach to removing active colonies and restoring the damage they have caused.

When mold gets discovered, you want to ensure that you have the right equipment for the job. Our team comes equipped with containment machines like air scrubbers which utilize an inboard HEPA filter to trap active mold spores, debris, and dust throughout the mold remediation process as well as preventing the spread of these spores to new areas of your home.

What makes our SERVPRO team a wise choice for mold remediation in your home is that we can work efficiently to resolve the situation entirely. We have the experience to identify active colonization, sanitize and disinfect the environment, and also work to help significantly reduce reoccurrence with effective long term solutions.

Mold damage might seem like something that you can handle on your own, but realistically, it can be hazardous to your health and your home to try. Let our experienced SERVPRO of Kitsap County professionals see you through every step of this remediation by calling (360) 373-1290.

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How Our Specialized Training Can Restore Your Bainbridge Island Home After A Mold Damage Disaster

2/7/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO How Our Specialized Training Can Restore Your Bainbridge Island Home After A Mold Damage Disaster You can reach us 24/7!

Why SERVPRO Relies On Advanced Training To Counter Mold Damage In Bainbridge Island

Mold problems are common especially when leaks go unnoticed for long. Such leaks are likely in areas close to the roofing or next to appliances such as dishwashers. Since mold problems are also stubborn, involving a professional in the mitigation process presents better chances of getting sustainable results. We rely on highly trained staff to help our Bainbridge Island clients in distress.

The first step in remediation of mold damage in Bainbridge Island is identifying what could have caused the infestation. Because of the higher amounts of precipitation in western Washington, there are many cases where homes are infested with mold after rainwater gains access to the house. Our SERVPRO technicians can fix small issues leading to leaks or involve a contractor if serious construction changes are necessary. After that, we can focus on cleaning the debris and residues from the mold colonies.

Different approaches can be used in removing mold colonies. Using those that lead to long term results or cause limited damage to underlying materials helps achieve the primary goal. Our SERVPRO technicians undertake different training courses in mold mitigation and understanding mold ensuring utilization of the best techniques. We can use mechanical abrasion such as wire brushing, or we can damp wipe the affected areas with cleaning agents. We also utilize advanced techniques such as soda blasting which removed mold debris without harming the underlying surface.

Mold eats into organic materials because they serve as a food source. Such materials might not be strong enough, so it is better to replace them instead of trying to clean them. Removal is also crucial if porous materials are involved because the hyphae grow deep into such materials. Our SERVPRO technicians rely on their training during the inspection of the affected areas to establish the best solution. If teardown is involved, we take measures such as creating exclusion zones using plastic sheets or using negative pressure machines to prevent the spread of spores and other mold debris.

Calling SERVPRO of Kitsap County can help you regain control of your mold-infested home. You can reach us at (360) 373-1290. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Call SERVPRO To Clean Up Your Silverdale Fire Disaster

12/27/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Call SERVPRO To Clean Up Your Silverdale Fire Disaster Electrical outlet caught on fire and caused significant damage to the home.

Why You Can Count On SERVPRO After A Holiday Fire

The holiday season exposes your Silverdale home to many fire risks. Your lighted decorations might spark because of shorts in the delicate wiring or because you were tempted to use too many extension cords or surge protectors. The hustle and bustle in the kitchen when cooking for a crowd can mean blunders that set oil on fire or boil pots dry. Pets and children running through the home can tip candles or decorated trees with fiery results. 

If the unexpected and tragic happens, our team is ready to help with fire damage in Silverdale any time of the year. We know that disasters like a household fire do not wait for convenient times, which is why we pledge to the communities we serve to be ready to respond to fire damage 365 days out of the year. 

Why is SERVPRO team uniquely qualified to help with all aspects of fire damage mitigation and restoration? Our technicians are IICRC certified, mastering advanced training in smoke and soot cleanup and deodorization. Because firefighting efforts almost always include dousing flames with chemical extinguishers or water we are also primed to clear those residues from the affected spaces in your home as well. 

If the fire damages portions of your home’s structure leaving it to the mercy of the elements, our crews are board-up and tarping experts. SERVPRO project managers assess your fire loss task by needed task, ensure you receive a personalized restoration plan because the types of fire damage can vary greatly. 

Managing the soot cleanup alone requires our crew to identify the types of smoky residues correctly and matching cleanup methods and tools to the challenge. Loose, ashy debris sweeps and vacuums well, and HEPA filters on the equipment keep all safe from airborne debris. Electrical fires spread a thick, tacky coating that needs cleaners with wetting agents and surfactants to loosen. Kitchen fires are usually protein based, depositing a thin and tough film on surfaces that often needs a solvent or abrasive tool to dislodge. Our crews are familiar with these differences which is why SERVPRO is an industry leader, using the most efficient approaches possible to mitigate fire damage. 

If a holiday fire interrupts your festivities, call SERVPRO of Kitsap County as we are Faster to Any Size Disaster. Our phone at (360) 373-1290 picks up your contact 24/7, meaning we are on our way within hours of your loss.

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Our Water Damage Services Can Save Your Bremerton Home

12/21/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Our Water Damage Services Can Save Your Bremerton Home Contact us for a swift response from highly-qualified professionals who care about your satisfaction.

Why SERVPRO Professional Water Damage Services Make All The Difference In Bremerton

Mitigating a water disaster is not a typical cleanup task for your Bremerton residence. The tools the average homeowner has at his or her disposal are not up to the challenges of a water disaster, and even an ordinary cleaning service does not have the training, expertise, or equipment necessary to remove the water and then dry the structure completely. Our certified crews and specialized equipment ensure a comprehensive water damage restoration job.

Water damage in your Bremerton home can present in a broad range of ways. A slow leak can go undetected, deteriorating structural components behind walls, under fixtures, and above ceilings for long periods. When you finally note the problem, significant damage and even mold growth involvement can be involved. Other times a plumbing breach or appliance breakdown make it quite obvious you have an issue. Either of these water loss scenarios, or something in between, require fast action from our IICRC trained employees.

When our signature green SERVPRO trucks arrive, the water damage cleanup begins almost immediately. An experienced crew chief quickly assesses the damage, including ordering crew members to measure structural moisture levels and use scanning devices to find trapped water reserves. Our vehicles pack all the water removal and structural drying equipment needed, a clear reason why calling SERVPRO is the most direct route to water damage resolution.

Our team uses industrial-grade submersible pumps and high-efficiency water extractors to rid your premises of standing water rapidly. Even if power is shut off because of the disaster, we can use our truck-mounted equipment without delay. SERVPRO crews then use the moisture readings obtained at the beginning of the project to determine drying goals. We position air movers and heaters to force moisture out of building materials and into a vapor that our dehumidifiers condense or absorb for removal.

Proper equipment and a workforce that understands the problem and has “seen it all” makes us a leader in water damage restoration. The level of experience and knowledge of best industry practices we possess is why SERVPRO swiftly transforms a soggy, water-logged space back to your comfortable home -- “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO of Kitsap County stands ready day or night to answer the call when you have a water damage crisis. Contact us at (360) 373-1290 for a swift response from highly-qualified professionals who care about your satisfaction.

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3 Ways To Prevent Mold Growth in Commercial Facilities

12/2/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO 3 Ways To Prevent Mold Growth in Commercial Facilities Water damage causes mold problem in a Port Orchard,WA bathroom

3 Ways You Can Keep Mold from Growing Inside Your Commercial Building

To make money in business, you must ensure your warehouse and other commercial facilities stay in good shape. If you have mold growth at your jobsite, your employees may not want to come to work. Moreover, mold can ruin equipment, furnishings, inventory and other items. As such, mold prevention should be important to you. Here are three ways you can keep mold from growing inside your commercial building.

1. Watch for Leaks

Water is important to any business. After all, you have water surging through pipes, feeding toilets and sinks and facilitating everyday operations. When water stays where it is supposed to stay, you probably don’t think much about it. If there is a leak, though, mold can grow quickly. Accordingly, to contain mold, you must watch for signs of water damage. By regularly inspecting plumbing systems, fixtures, gutters, basements and sump pumps, you can decrease your odds of missing the sorts of leaks that allow mold to flourish.

2. Invest in a Hygrometer

Standing water isn’t the only thing that contributes to the growth of mold. On the contrary, high humidity can encourage mold to grow rampantly. As such, if mold prevention is important to you, you must have a way of measuring humidity. With a hygrometer, you know exactly how much moisture is in the air.

3. Prioritize Mold Removal

Because it reproduces with microscopic spores, mold can spread quickly. If you notice mold inside your building, you can assume it has moved to other areas. By contracting with a mold-mitigation service, you can develop a plan for eradicating mold.

As a business owner in Port Orchard,WA, you understand the importance of keeping your commercial property in tip-top shape. While a variety of things affect the condition of your building, mold can quickly ruin it. By focusing on mold prevention, you ensure you get the most out of your commercial facility.

How To Handle the Aftermath of a Fire at Your Commercial Building

11/21/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO How To Handle the Aftermath of a Fire at Your Commercial Building Soot removal in Silverdale,WA

Phases of Fire Restoration

For businesses in the Silverdale,WA, area it is very important to know what steps to take in the event a fire should break out. Each phase of fire restoration is important to ensure the best possible outcome.

  • Locate all Employees
    Locate all employees and staff and make sure each is accounted for. See that any injured are immediately given medical assistance and that people can safely get home.

  • Avoid Breathing or Ingesting Dangerous Substances
    No one should drink or eat anything that was exposed to flames or smoke, or to the water used to fight the fire, nor should they breathe the air at the site.

  • Keep Everyone Out
    Get everyone out of the building. There could still be live embers traveling through a wall or ceiling, and support structures could have been sufficiently weakened and unsafe. Do not move or touch anything. Close and board up any services to prevent customers or clients getting hurt.

  • Contact Insurance Agent
    Call the agent that handles your fire insurance and ask what needs to be done next. They will need the firefighters’ and Fire Marshall’s reports, and ask for a detailed list of destroyed property.

  • Clean Out and Clean Up
    You will want to hire a professional fire restoration service to conduct a fire damage assessment and formulate a plan for disposal of damaged goods and to perform comprehensive smoke cleaning.

  • Store Cleaned and Repaired Items Off Site
    Once the restoration service has cleaned and repaired items, store them off-site where they can stay clean and out of the way while the rest of the repairs are being done.

  • Begin Repairs
    Once all of the fire damage, the contractor can come on board and replace or repair any damaged structures, wiring and plumbing and take care of finish work such as painting.

Once the fire restoration has been completed and things are starting to normalize, you can move back in and re-open for business. In Silverdale,WA, getting commercial building restoration services on board is the key to a successful conclusion.

What You Should Know About Black Water

11/14/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO What You Should Know About Black Water Flooding in Kingston, WA

Three Things To Know About Black Water

Flooding in Kingston,WA, can cause a number of types of water damage, especially if it comes from a contaminated water source. Water from a tainted source is categorized as black, which can mean a number of things for your home. Here are the three primary things you should know about this type of water:

1. What Black Water Is

Water is categorized into three areas depending on its use: black, grey or white. These classifications indicate the types of contaminants in the water and what use the water is suited for. White water is safe for everyday use, while grey water has been used for cooking, cleaning or bathing. It may contain soap, cooking oils or light cleaners. Water in the black category has come into contact with septic matter, such as a toilet or sewer, and carries pathogens. Flood water is often considered black for this reason.

2. Where Black Water Comes From

Part of preventing water damage from water in the black category is understanding where this water comes from. Any water source that has come in contact with fecal matter must be categorized as black. This means water that comes from a septic system, sewer, or even livestock pasture falls into this category.

3. How To Deal With Flooding in Your Home

If you have flooding in your home, you will need to make sure that everything is properly cleaned, sanitized and restored. A flood damage and restoration specialist may be able to help. This cleaning process helps insure your home is clear of contamination and that issues common to water damaged areas, such as mold, are prevented.

When dealing with water damage in Kingston,WA, it’s important to know what category the water is classified as. When you know this, along with the potential sources of the flooding, you can begin taking the proper steps needed to clean, sanitize and restore your home. Remember, if you have any questions, a professional can help.

What's that smell?

7/30/2018 (Permalink)

While cleaning the house have you ever experienced a certain smell or odor coming from inside the house, carpets, flooring, or basement? Are you worried about your health from the smell? Have you considered a company to call for the smell? We are trained to identify and eliminate offensive odors. Our company and team provides 24/7 days of week of emergencies, if the customer is very concerned about the odor or smell we will be out there as soon as possible. SERVPRO has classes to teach the technicians and staff on the proper removal for odors. There are different types of odors that can come from numerous of places inside the house or outside of the house. SERVPRO provides the equipment to locate and remove the odors. After identifying the source of the odor and looking at the conditions the odor will be eliminate over the course of time and won’t have an odor anymore. If you have any questions about smells or concerns please feel free to give SERVPRO of Kitsap County a call at 360-373-1290.