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Why SERVPRO is Capable of Award-winning Restoration Services for Bremerton Residents

10/22/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle overlooking a body of water. Let SERVPRO help get your Bremerton home back to normal, no matter the damage.

We will walk you through every bit of restoration for your Bremerton home.

A restoration service needs to blend skills, experience, and work ethic to provide a recently damaged property with the best chance of making a full recovery to its preloss condition. Our company focuses on attracting and retaining highly qualified employees to deliver quality restoration for water, fire, mold, or storm damages. Here in the local community, we have been recognized for our achievements by winning the 'Best of Bremerton for Fire and Water Restoration and mitigation' award in 2016, 2017, and 2018. We offer round the clock emergency contact for private residents and commercial businesses here in Bremerton.


The role of a fire restoration technician (FRT) depends on the scale of the task at hand. In minor scale situations, we offer a quick call-out for expert cleaning and deodorization of your home. Medium and Major scale operations may require the safe storage of your contents at a climate-controlled warehouse while we prepare the site for further repairs and general contractors. Whatever the issue, SERVPRO is "faster to any size disaster," delivering exceptional expertise, craft, and compassion.

When a property with Fire Damage in Bremerton requires repair to the structure, our service technicians can prep the site so that work can begin quickly. Prepping the site includes identifying and removing safety hazards like damaged electrics, restoring power to the property, and performing cleaning tasks. We can also use this time to take mitigating action against further damages. These actions could include drying the property or removing corrosive soot that may wear away finishes or harm fabrics. 

Mitigating losses and reducing claim expenses are essential to providing award-winning restoration services. We work toward a restore over replace mentality, seeking to clean and remove soiling using professional corrosive cleaning products and deodorizers. Where there is significant charring or staining, our team can use soda blasting to remove both the surface finish and the staining. Once the property is dry, we can return to refinish pieces of furniture or appliances and get them back to a preloss state. 


A slow leak or heavy rainfall can easily contribute to water damage in your Bremerton home. These issues can be challenging to prevent given the random occurrence and manifold variables involved in water emergencies. What can be mitigated is the extent of the loss. SERVPRO restoration services can prevent further damages from occurring once on the job site, then work hard to reverse the existing damages to get your home back to its best. 

For most homeowners, water incidents are most worrying when they affect structural contents and possessions. When the moisture content in furnishings, fittings, and flooring rises, there can be several issues that need attention. Warping or buckling of floors is a typical result of waterlogging. Equally, dyes in fabrics or furnishings can begin to bleed, causing further staining to floors and carpets. SERVPRO can block furniture, removing direct contact with the ground or move items to a safer location efficiently to prevent permanent harm.

Once the immediate losses have been averted, we need to begin cleaning and drying the property. Sometimes, fabrics that show signs of staining need to be restored while wet to ensure there is no water-marks or set staining. Restoring contents to preloss conditions also involves ensuring that the affected area is dry and moisture content levels returned to normal- usually around 12% for wood. SERVPRO can deploy dehumidifiers in the home while taking regular measurements from a thermal hygrometer to ensure moisture levels are controlled along with potential losses. At the end of service, we can return to the property to refinish or sand out cupping and warping issues. 


The appearance of microbial growth in your home in the form of mold can often lead to unpleasant odors as well as visible signs of soiling or infestation in furnishings. Mold spreads from a source of moisture and can infest porous materials causing permanent damage. Our restoration services include mold damage to your Bremerton home, and we can dispatch trained assessment and remediation technicians to your property to carry out mitigation procedure from start to finish.

Microbial growth starts from a source of moisture. With the right temperature and food supply- which can be insulation, fabrics, drywall, or other materials found in a typical home environment- these microbial fungi can reproduce causing a sanitation and air quality issue. SERVPRO technicians are capable of tracing fungi through your Bremerton home, removing access obstacles like drywall and flooring to get the full picture of the extent of the infestation. 

Primarily a mold remediation project is focused on sorting through salvageable and non-salvageable items. Infested drywall and insulation usually has to be taken out of the property to be disposed of the property. Non-porous materials can generally be cleaned, disinfected, and then treated with anti-microbial chemicals returning them to their preloss condition. Contaminated materials are placed in containment bags for disposal. SERVPRO technicians can then return to the property to replace sections of drywall as well as insulation to complete the restoration service. 


Large loss recovery teams can be called into action after an extreme weather event to implement restoration services and secure your Bremerton home. Securing the home could involve performing emergency board up services to broken windows or doors and preventing trespass on the property. We can also tarp up roof damages to prevent water from getting into the property and causing further damage. During this phase of the operation, SERVPRO technicians assess for structural deficiencies, like weakened flooring, as well as potential safety hazards.

Once the immediate issues that come with storm damage in your Bremerton home are secured, we can begin to carry out mitigation procedure. Usually, the mitigation procedure encompasses actions that reduce losses. Large amounts of water in the property, for example, could cause long-term issues if left overnight. SERVPRO restores can bring in pumping and extraction equipment to remove water. Once that is complete, we can dry the structure to limit secondary damage like mold or microbial growth. 

Restoration services begin once the structure is secure and mitigation complete. Sometimes, third-party general contractors must be brought in to repair windows, doors or roofing. SERVPRO can arrange for these services on your behalf to ensure that you only deal with one company throughout. We can also pass on the details of your restoration service to your insurer as part of our stress-free claims service, that allows you to get back to your everyday life with as little inconvenience as possible. 

SERVPRO of Kitsap County is an award-winning restoration service for fire, water, storm or mold-related property damage. Contact us at (360) 373-1290 for a call out.

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