Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Kitchen Cabinets be-Gone

In older homes, the interior plumbing can of course, cause issues as the years go by. For this customer, she had found out that there were leaks in the pipes un... READ MORE

Sewage 1, Sewage 2

Some people say things usually come in a set of 3. Thankfully for this customer she only had 2 sewage losses, but that being said, it wasn't exactly a pleasant ... READ MORE

Bursting Bathroom Pipes

A pipe burst can cause water damage no matter what, but what matters is how fast the water is turned off and cleaned up that determines the level of damage and ... READ MORE

Squishy Carpet Isn't Always Fun

At a business, they had a water damage issue when one of their toilets overflowed into the hallway and went out into the lobby as well. Thankfully they called u... READ MORE

You Never Know How Far The Water Will Travel

Our SERVPRO franchise professionals had a water loss that came in for a overflowed toilet. The water had traveled through the bathroom to multiple nearby rooms ... READ MORE

Open the Walls to Dry Fully

When dealing with a water damage, to really get into those hard to reach places, such as INSIDE the walls, you need to skirt them and get the drywall and insula... READ MORE

Naval Base Flood

The pictures here show a commercial job that we handled in 2014. This job was so large that we had to call in our Large Loss Response team from Oregon. We start... READ MORE