Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Flooding Around Kitsap County

Certain areas are more prone to flooding due to a multitude of possible causes; blocked drainage, lower ground elevation, more ground water than the street drai... READ MORE

Ground Water Can Cause Flooding InsideToo

Kitsap county doesn't get too many storms where flooding is an issue, but for this customer, the rainfall was just too much. The ground water followed gravity, ... READ MORE

Don't Let a Storm Damaged Roof Ruin Your Home

In the PNW we know that it rains more often here than other parts of the country. In one of the recent storms, our customers had a tree branch come in through t... READ MORE

Gravity Plays its Part

A roof leak is a definite common denominator for some of our storm damage jobs. And of course where there is something on top, there will always be somewhere fo... READ MORE

A Storm Can Hit Your House Harder Than You Might Think

When one of our bigger storms hit our county, this house didn't handle as best as possible, but thanks to the team at SERVPRO of Kitsap County, we were able to ... READ MORE

A Roof Damage that Went Unnoticed for Too Long

In this situation, we received a call from an owner that had potential mold and some water damage. We did not realize until we got there and saw the multiple sp... READ MORE