Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Patience is a virtue

A kitchen fire caused extensive smoke damage to affect almost our customers entire house. Our fire team spent a lot of elbow grease and effort to get the soot c... READ MORE

Garage Fire

Any type of loss can be devastating not only to you, your family, but your home or business as well. This disaster was a call about a garage fire that severely ... READ MORE

Have Soot, Will Travel

Our fire team are all-stars, and we appreciate when our customers think so too. This is the inside of a cabinet which was located in a garage that had a fire oc... READ MORE

Salvation from Soot

Our customers are priority, as well as getting their loss location back to normal as fast as possible. And when a loss occurs for a business, we know that not o... READ MORE

Fireplace Accident

There was a mishap with a fireplace for one of our residential customers. If you think that the fire itself is a lot of deal with, you are forgetting about some... READ MORE

Fireplace Mishap Caused Fire Damage to Inside of House

Fire safety is top priority, but sometimes accidents happen that are out of our control. And when those accidents do happen and some fire damage occurs, our tra... READ MORE

Devastating Garage Fire

The picture above shows the aftermath of a fire within a garage. Sometimes, the fire can be so damaging that it leaves you with little to no remaining structure... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire

When it comes to fires, it truly puts a burden and impacts the people affected in every aspect of their life. Imagine coming home from work to find the fire dep... READ MORE

Garage Fire

This picture is of a garage fire that we helped with two years ago. When SERVPRO technicians walk into a fire that is extensive, they are able to keep a positiv... READ MORE