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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Naval Base Flood

The pictures here show a commercial job that we handled in 2014. This job was so large that we had to call in our Large Loss Response team from Oregon. We start... READ MORE

Garage Fire

This picture is of a garage fire that we helped with two years ago. When SERVPRO technicians walk into a fire that is extensive, they are able to keep a positiv... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire

When it comes to fires, it truly puts a burden and impacts the people affected in every aspect of their life. Imagine coming home from work to find the fire dep... READ MORE

Devastating Garage Fire

The picture above shows the aftermath of a fire within a garage. Sometimes, the fire can be so damaging that it leaves you with little to no remaining structure... READ MORE


Carpet cleaning is another service that most SERVPRO franchises offer depending on the location and the available staffing. Rather than spend the money to repla... READ MORE

Dirty Wall

Not only are SERVPRO technicians experts in cleaning contents such as furniture, valuable trinkets, or other sentimental knick-knacks, they are also trained in ... READ MORE

We are Willing to do the Tasks that Most Others Wouldn't

Our cleaning crew seem like they have super powers for how amazing they can get a place looking spotless, when the before picture was a bit of an abysmal sight ... READ MORE

Open the Walls to Dry Fully

When dealing with a water damage, to really get into those hard to reach places, such as INSIDE the walls, you need to skirt them and get the drywall and insula... READ MORE

Broken Sprinkler Head Caused Water Damage

Our local Haselwwod YMCA facility is a site for many youth to spend time for recreational activities and purposes. One day a bad timing and a high throw of a b... READ MORE

Fireplace Mishap Caused Fire Damage to Inside of House

Fire safety is top priority, but sometimes accidents happen that are out of our control. And when those accidents do happen and some fire damage occurs, our tra... READ MORE

The Definition of Details

When we get a commercial call, we take pride in the acknowledgement that other companies trust us enough to handle their facility with the care and professional... READ MORE

You Never Know How Far The Water Will Travel

Our SERVPRO franchise professionals had a water loss that came in for a overflowed toilet. The water had traveled through the bathroom to multiple nearby rooms ... READ MORE

Stop The Spread

When there is a slow leak and it goes unnoticed for a long time, there is going to be mold. And when we had a rodent infestation and cleaning job, we had been t... READ MORE

Fellow Businesses Need Our Help Too

Sewage losses are never a pleasant surprise, and when it occurs at a work environment, it can put a bit of a damper on the productivity of the employees and the... READ MORE

Oil Cleanup

Most of the losses and jobs that we have call in are primarily water, mold or fire related. And then we do get the occasional cleanup, ducting, post constructio... READ MORE

We Never Know What We Will be Walking Into

Our franchise is known for our technicians providing skill, experience, patience, and so many other virtues and aspects the prove that they are here for our cus... READ MORE

Sometimes it Gets Fuzzy

Our common mold related jobs are usually minor, but when we come across the ones that seem small and are actually bigger than expected, it's one to definitely s... READ MORE

Squishy Carpet Isn't Always Fun

At a business, they had a water damage issue when one of their toilets overflowed into the hallway and went out into the lobby as well. Thankfully they called u... READ MORE

Fireplace Accident

There was a mishap with a fireplace for one of our residential customers. If you think that the fire itself is a lot of deal with, you are forgetting about some... READ MORE

Not So Much Fun in the Tub

Bathrooms are a common spot for us to be called out for fixing water damage and mold remediation. For one of our clients, they had a water leak that had been go... READ MORE

Food Case Cleaning

With a coffee chain coming to a local retail store location. We were called out to have our great cleaning team come and make sure the storefront was in tip top... READ MORE

Salvation from Soot

Our customers are priority, as well as getting their loss location back to normal as fast as possible. And when a loss occurs for a business, we know that not o... READ MORE

Construction Cleanup for Commercial Retailer

Construction cleanup is one service that is increasingly being called upon for our franchise for commercial spaces and companies coming into our growing communi... READ MORE

A Roof Damage that Went Unnoticed for Too Long

In this situation, we received a call from an owner that had potential mold and some water damage. We did not realize until we got there and saw the multiple sp... READ MORE

Containing and Discontinuing the Colors

A water loss is no joke and no fun, but to have a water loss in the middle of winter, makes the situation feel worse for the customer. Our customers called us f... READ MORE

Water in a Pet Store

Water in a pet store, isn't usually an odd thing to hear, but when it's on the floor where the customers shop, then it's a bit of an issue. This was a water dam... READ MORE

A Storm Can Hit Your House Harder Than You Might Think

When one of our bigger storms hit our county, this house didn't handle as best as possible, but thanks to the team at SERVPRO of Kitsap County, we were able to ... READ MORE

Some Houses

With the many services we provide, cleaning is one that we perform for not only new construction, nicotine, soot, etc. For brand new homes, but also homes that ... READ MORE

Gravity Plays its Part

A roof leak is a definite common denominator for some of our storm damage jobs. And of course where there is something on top, there will always be somewhere fo... READ MORE

Have Soot, Will Travel

Our fire team are all-stars, and we appreciate when our customers think so too. This is the inside of a cabinet which was located in a garage that had a fire oc... READ MORE

Bursting Bathroom Pipes

A pipe burst can cause water damage no matter what, but what matters is how fast the water is turned off and cleaned up that determines the level of damage and ... READ MORE

Don't Let a Storm Damaged Roof Ruin Your Home

In the PNW we know that it rains more often here than other parts of the country. In one of the recent storms, our customers had a tree branch come in through t... READ MORE

Garage Fire

Any type of loss can be devastating not only to you, your family, but your home or business as well. This disaster was a call about a garage fire that severely ... READ MORE

Even a Chimney Can Get Moldy

Making sure your roof is watertight is a key factor in ensuring less chance of water damage to your home. A customer has a faulty seal on their roof around thei... READ MORE

Sewage 1, Sewage 2

Some people say things usually come in a set of 3. Thankfully for this customer she only had 2 sewage losses, but that being said, it wasn't exactly a pleasant ... READ MORE

Dusty Ducts

This duct cleaning example is a example of how important it is to get your ducting cleaned regularly. Our customer only had her ducting cleaned once quite a few... READ MORE

Patience is a virtue

A kitchen fire caused extensive smoke damage to affect almost our customers entire house. Our fire team spent a lot of elbow grease and effort to get the soot c... READ MORE

Ground Water Can Cause Flooding InsideToo

Kitsap county doesn't get too many storms where flooding is an issue, but for this customer, the rainfall was just too much. The ground water followed gravity, ... READ MORE

Soft & Fuzzy

This is a daylight basement & lower level of a home that had been renovated quite a few years ago to be used to a veterinary clinic. When the clinic closed ... READ MORE

Kitchen Cabinets be-Gone

In older homes, the interior plumbing can of course, cause issues as the years go by. For this customer, she had found out that there were leaks in the pipes un... READ MORE

Flooding Around Kitsap County

Certain areas are more prone to flooding due to a multitude of possible causes; blocked drainage, lower ground elevation, more ground water than the street drai... READ MORE

Hoarding Situations call for Bio-hazard Cleanup

We recently had a bio-hazard job that was a little different from others; it had included a situation of hoarding as well. We have seen instances of hoarding th... READ MORE